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Products to grout

Stencils specifically designed for decorating surfaces already covered with Starlike® as a wall finish. The designs are instead implemented using Starlike® grout version.
With StenDecor stencils, you get relief and textured designs, which are inspired by the stucco technique used in the typically Italian interior decorating tradition.
The StenDecor sheets are made with two different special plastic materials, resilient and resistant, water-washable and reusable many times, always perfectly flat.
Collections: StenDecor is available in six collections, each consisting of a border (size 42x15 cm) with three individual designs (21x15 cm) 1 mm thickness and three individual designs (21x15 cm) 0.20 mm thickness. 
The subjects are: Glasses, Pots and Fruit for the kitchen area, Shells and Leaves for the bathroom or living area; Hangers for the bedroom. The Animal collection for children’s bedrooms, on the other hand, consists of 4 individual designs in two sizes (21x15 cm and 29.7x21 cm) only in 1 mm thickness.
Packaging: cardboard bag (each bag contains one collection).


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